Logistics And Supply Chain Management Training – Blue Ocean Academy

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Certification in Logistics And Supply Chain Management Training – Blue Ocean Academy Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0bjU5DhCEc

Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management


   Project Management is one of the most in-demand skills throughout the world. One can transform what he does and how well he does it with formal training in project management.

The Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management Training is a short duration program which offers a combination of several short courses in project management. It earns you a credential that employers value. This program equips you well in project planning, communications, team management, time and cost management and more.

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Certification in Change Management

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Description : Dealing with change and its impact is very essential for any organization. There are many professionals who are specialized in guiding organizations through change. But how are the best distinguished from them? It’s very simple. They stand out from the crowd because of their credential!

Certification in change management which validates your knowledge, expertise and experience; and proves your ability to successfully lead individuals and organizations through change. Obtaining this certification also demonstrates that you have invested in your ongoing career development, and that you can apply your experience to effectively respond to any change management situation.

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Certified Human Resource Manager Training – Testimonial Blue Ocean Academy UAE

Tenzing works as an HR manager in Open Middle East, narrates her views with Blue Ocean Academy. She attended two courses CHRP and CHRM which help to enhance her career growth. The institute has excellent staff, professional and eminent trainers who helped her to increase further knowledge and skills.

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Planning and Organizing Skills Program


The two most significant phases in management cycle are planning and organizing. It is necessary for people to plan well ahead of time to be capable of coordinating their activities well and to get efficient and effective results. This holds true for the human resources in organizations as well. This will increase the productivity which in turn will usher in a happier and more rewarding work life. The Planning and Organizing Skills Training program is a well designed, knowledge-based and well-researched course for this purpose.

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Dr Sathya Menon, Academic Director, Blue Ocean Academy receives the Global Training & Development Leadership Award 2017


Dr Sathya Menon, Academic Director, Blue Ocean Academy receives the Global Training and Development Leadership Award 2017 @ the silver jubilee edition of the World HR Congress presented by Times Ascent and CHRO Asia held at the Mumbai Taj Lands End on Feb. 15. He joins other iconic personalities from 25 countries who have made stellar contributions in the field of training development and leadership..it’s a proud moment for Blue Ocean and also the man who has transformed the face of logistics and supply chain training in Dubai and Middle East

Why Opt for a Strategic Planning Course?


The ultimate goal of every business is to run productively. This can be hard when proper planning is not done. Strategic planning skill can be an organization’s great asset. A strategic planning course can help an organization enhance its productivity via providing the skills necessary to identify and correct loopholes, and imparting the necessary confidence to carry out the plan. This article tells you why you should take up the Strategic Planning and Goal Setting Training

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