The Advantages of Becoming a CISCP


CISCP is the acronym of Certified International Supply Chain Professional. This two-step core certification qualification is from the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA. This CISCP is the entry level course. Its advanced level qualification is offered as CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager). Here are the advantages of taking up and successfully completing the CISCP certification program.

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PMP Program – Benefits


Project management is the process of utilizing a structured approach to manage a particular project-generally on the basis of the team leads or project manager’s experience, knowledge and skills.

Numerous project management professional have developed their own methodologies and technologies for providing their teams with a specific set of guidelines. This led to the evolving of project management into a separate discipline and profession. Numerous companies today know that this discipline and profession is an utmost for their success and productivity.
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Should I Opt for a PMP Certification Course?

Attentive colleagues

If you have the plan of becoming a fully qualified project manager, but are not sure of the right course which will equip you with the essentials, here is help. There are several qualification options available. This article tells you if a project management professional PMP certification program is your right choice.
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Is PMP certification program my right choice?

PMP certification would ideally suit you if

.You need a career in project management.
.You want to progress your career within project management.
.You anticipate to be certified.
.You desire to perfect your skills.
.You want to make the most out of your leadership and organizational skills.

The Benefits of PMP Certification Course

Benefits of PMP Certification Course

Project management benefits an organization in numerous ways as it equips professionals with a systematic approach to manage and control different kinds of projects and different kinds of changes. This article lists the comprehensive benefits that can be enjoyed by those individuals who take up the PMP certification course.
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Performance Benefits:

PMP certification course equips its candidates to perform better at work by helping them:

.Develop a comprehensive understanding of a project’s objectives and benefits prior to assigning resources to it. This way, only projects which are productive are started.

.Make sure the effective proceeding of the project through each phase, right from the conception to its completion.

.Employ a strict approach to define an achievable, yet challenging deadline and budget for a project’s accomplishment.

Blue Ocean Strikes Strategic Partnership With UK-Based ILM To Groom Future Industry Leaders

Dubai : Blue Ocean, the region’s largest professional knowledge empowerment enterprise has forayed into leadership management training striking a strategic partnership with the prestigious Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), UK.
The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is Europe’s leading management training organisation and is partnering with Blue Ocean to spark professionals, transforming them into innovative and skilled leaders.


Free Seminar on Project Management – Dubai

Free Seminar on Project Management-Dubai

This seminar is designed for professionals who are seeking comprehensive knowledge on Project Management Professional PMP Certification.

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2017 MARCH 31st FRIDAY
VENUE : Hotel Park Regis, Dubai
TIME : 5.45PM

Certified International Supply Chain Professional Training in Abu Dhabi

Supply Chain

Incredible opportunity for all logisticians Certified International Supply Chain Professional Training in Abu Dhabi.

Exclusive Training on CISCP/CISCM
VENUE : GCAS, Al Bateen Airport, Abu Dhabi
Weekdays : Monday and Wednesday
Timing : 6pm to 9pm

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